As proprietor of the Presidio Bowling Center for the past thirteen years, I hope you have enjoyed coming to our facility as much as I have enjoyed running it. I call it “our” facility because along with 25 of the best employees in San Francisco, you have helped to make this a special place in the Presidio.

On Wednesday August 8th 2007, the Presidio Trust announced that Donald and Doris Fisher, founders of The Gap, offered to build a world-class contemporary art museum for our city. They have an incredible collection that is said to be valued at over a billion dollars. The Fishers would like to endow the costs for the design, construction and operations of the museum to the Presidio. One of the proposed sites for that museum is the current location of the bowling center.

While the preferred museum plan calls for the demolition of the bowling center, I believe with the help of the Fishers, and the Presidio Trust we can build an even better bowling center than the current center. The city of San Francisco deserves a world class bowling center AND a world class museum.

Our current lease is set to expire April 30th 2009. I personally hope to plan, build and manage that world-class bowling center somewhere on the grounds of the Presidio. We will need your support to ensure this happens in a timely way, with minimal disruption to the services we provide to our community. Closing the bowling center for even one day should not be an option.


We are currently preparing a proposal to move the bowling center to a Crissy Field location.  It is our hope any project that would cause the current bowling center to be demolished would be compelled to finance the rebuilding of the bowling center elsewhere in the Presidio.  This Presidio Trust has done this in the past.

On June 9th 2008, the Presidio Trust released a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement concerning the Main Post area of the Presidio.  It can be viewed at  The Statement has several alternatives which call for the demolition of the bowling center.  The Presidio Trust has once again postponed the Public Board Meeting.  The new date is set for December 9th 2008 at 6PM. The meeting will be held at The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre located at 3301 Lyon Street, San Francisco.  Your voice will be necessary to save the Presidio Bowling Center.  Go to for more info.  Please send a copy of your electronic comments to